Chapar truck


Hadid Motbakaran Industrial Company has started working on heavy trucks since 2008. In this regard, the design of many parts of the car, including the body, interior and exterior trim, as well as chassis attachment parts such as bumper-fender-footsteps, using experienced interior and exterior specialists. It has also carried out external consultants. 

The use of driving forces including (axle, gearbox, engine) and other parts (carryover) from famous and reputable global brands, including Mercedes-Benz, has also been considered. These cars are designed and produced in different types (tipper 6*4, tipper 4*2, trailer 4*2, trailer 6*4).

The first example of a 6×4 tipper truck will be produced and launched on the market soon in the coming months. It should be noted that the production of separate parts is done using the equipment and facilities of Hadid Motbakaran’s main site in Tehran, and the car assembly line will be in the new site of Hadid Motbakaran located in Ardabil province.